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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Random Thoughts- The Hulk family in Civil War (SPOILERS)

I haven't been reading Civil War (waiting for the trade), but I've been reading a lot of the articles about it and saw this pic in Newsarama's "Civil War Room" with Tom Breevort:

Unless I'm mistaken, that's Doc Samson tearing up the fallen Doombot in the bottom righthand corner, and if the company he keeps is any indication, he's gone pro-registration.

I haven't read the recent Doc Samson mini. I was hoping there'd be a trade, though I haven't seen any solicits for one. I didn't read many glowing reviews, so I guess a reprint collection isn't a given. From what I read of the issue solicits, it looked like Marvel trying to capitalize on the end of Tom Strong.

So, I don't know what they did with him in that series, but judging by his history in Hulk, I'd assume he wouldn't feel good about working with SHIELD and the government. He's had just about as many bad experiences with them as his "big bro." And being a super-hero never seemed to be a priority for him.

Whatever, I guess it doesn't matter in the long run. It's doubtful he'll be anything more than a blip in the coming conflict. Maybe he'll just be an easy kill once the fists start flying. I hope not. The character has potential, I think. Even if he could never be an A-list guy, he's always been a great supporting cast member in Hulk when he's appeared.


At 2:09 AM, Blogger Samuel Jones said...

same bro he has so much potential but they dont put it to good use


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