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Friday, June 30, 2006

News- Ultimate Hulk returning to Ultimates and hints about post-Planet-Hulk

In this week's Joe Fridays at Newsarama, Joe Quesada responded to a question about the unnamed Loeb/McGuinness Hulk project and events post-Planet-Hulk. Quesada didn't reveal anything specific about the Loeb/McGuinness project, but he did end up, perhaps unintentionally, revealing just a little bit about Ultimates 4:

All I can tell you is after Ultimates 4, they won't be done with the big Green Goliath just yet. As to which Hulk and why - that's gotta stay a secret for a while longer…

Considering Quesada said they won't "be done" with Hulk after Ultimates 4, we can assume the Ultimate Hulk will be in Ultimates 4. And since I seem to remember some of Madureira's Ultimates 3 concept sketches including Hulk, he'll likely be in that series as well.

With Hulk getting a higher profile in the MU as a result of "Planet Hulk," maybe we'll be seeing an Ultimate Hulk mini or ongoing?

Quesada also responded to a fan question about the Hulkster:

"slot1977" - After Planet Hulk wraps up next year, how long will we have to wait until we get to see the Hulk exact his revenge on the Illuminati?

JQ: Why would you think he would want revenge? What if he’s happy and decides never to come back?

Honestly, I almost hope that happens, but I don't think it will. If nothing else, I think "Planet Hulk" showed the character works best in these epic, fantastical stories, and part of me hopes he stays away from Earth.

Don't think it's going to happen though. They've been hinting too strongly about post-PH retaliation. They've got to know how much it's going to piss off fans if they don't deliver.

Finally, there was some talk about J. Michael Straczynski having input in the last issue of "Planet Hulk," as well as what I sincerely hope is a joke about the name of what sounds like a post-PH event:

Hang on a second, there’s been a revelation in the Planet Hulk storyline. There are a bunch of interesting ideas getting tossed around at this point. JMS in particalar just chimed in with an interesting thought for the last issue. This is pretty cool, looks like Planet Hulk just got a bit bigger and meaner. Greg Pak is dong an incredible job constructing this story and it seems like the buzz word for next year is... wait for it...




Dude. I mean.



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