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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Links that make Hulk Angry- MSN Movies rate Hulk as one of the 5 worst super-hero movies

MSN movies has posted a "Best 10" and "Worst 5" list for super-hero movies. Ang Lee's Hulk is at the bottom of their "Worst 5" list.

Their detailed and insightful review of the film reads as follows:

Hulk no like Ang Lee's Freudian analysis of Hulk's rage. Make Hulk want to smash!

Using Hulk-speak to dodge actual commentary about something Hulk-related is new and original. It has not been done a thousand times before and still makes me laugh very hard every time I see it. Yes. The laughter came.

They listed X-men as the best, called Daredevil a "cult hero" (he's not David Koresh or Dr. Frank-N-Furter; so I really think a few folks at MSN Movies need to crack open a dictionary); chose Batman Returns over Batman Begins in the "Best 10" list; likewise chose Spider-Man with its Power Ranger goodness over the superior sequel; peppered its "Best 10" list with Hellboy, Spy Kids, and some damn thing called Inframan; and, while many of the "Worst 5" deserved to be on the list, they completely ignored The Return of Captain Invincible.

And with Zoom still waiting to be released, I don't think you can really claim to have any kind of comprehensive "Worst 5" super-hero movie list anyway.



At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Nivek said...

Alot of these places that rate Superhero films dont know why films like The Shadow are 12 notches below The Rocketeer.


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