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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Anyone for a little audience participation? Choose a new name for Incredible Hulk

I posted a thread like this over on CBR's Marvel Universe Board and Alvaro's Hulk Board, but I'm bored, and disappointed with no Incredible Hulk #96 to review (I forgot about the holiday, well, I didn't forget about the HOLIDAY, I forgot it would delay this week's funnybook shipment), so I thought I'd see if anyone stopping by Green Days would want to throw in their two cents about the following hypothetical.

It seems like, with their new series, rebooted series, and in some cases continuing series, DC has been either slapping sub-titles on their comic books' names or just making the names relatively long. For example:

All Star Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder
All-New Atom
Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis
Firestorm: The Nuclear Man
Flash: The Fastest Man Alive
Justice League of America
(instead of JLA)
Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes
Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters

Now I've always preferred The Incredible Hulk. But if you had to choose a new, longer, different title for Hulk, what would it be?

P.S. My girlfriend is the best girlfriend a comic book geek could ask for. As I mentioned earlier, I forgot there wouldn't be any comics shipping on Wednesday. My girlfriend knew I wanted to go to my local comic shop after she got home from work. But, she wanted to spend some time with me, so she decided to surprise me. She went to the comic shop on her way back from work and bought Hulk #95, thinking it was the new issue. She looked so crushed when I (gently, and after thanking her profusely, I'm not a complete jerk) told her I already had it. My girlfriend has the warmest heart this side of the Lava Men. I'd burn all my comics for her. Yes, even Hulk.

P.P.S. I just realized it may seem confusing that I keep talking about not getting Hulk #96 even though the date of this post is Thursday. Explanation: I work an overnight shift and write 99% of my posts while I'm at my job. Yes, it is Thursday, but it's about 4:30 am. The fine employees of Earthworld would likely frown upon me trying to get into the shop for new comics right now.


At 4:27 PM, Anonymous SanctumSanctorumComix said...

Hey Mick.

So THIS is where you've been hiding.

And I've been checking Superheroes, a goon.

While I was NEVER a huge Hulk fan until Peter David, (and I AM reading PAK's Planet Hulk arcs - although that was ostensibly due to the whole DR STRANGE / Illuminati angle) now I really digs me some HULK.

THAT said, I've NEVER really liked the "Incredible" part of the title.

It just culled too many bad mamories of cheesy kid shows or cartoony versions of the character.


BTW..I am NOT talking about the Bill Bixby live action show.
THAT was the SHIT!
Bixby was all class.

I preferred just the simple "HULK" title.

There's too much depth of possibility (as PAD has shown) to the character, so you can't even do something as cool as:

"The rage of...the HULK"

That limits it to a HULK SMASH kinda book. (BTW..."HULK SMASH" is a great title, but it was used for a one-shot or mini years back)

A "HULK; Power and Might" angle isn't all that much better.
Still shows "strong guy that punches things" as the one trick.

I'd like SOMETHING that grabs the "Atom-Age Jeckel & Hyde" aspect, but without being so overt. Or dated, since we are no longer IN the "Atom Age".

"The Triumph & Torment of... the HULK"

is nice. But it was the title of a kickass DR STRANGE / DR DOOM graphic novel.

Nothing can really get that "Tortured Psyche" feel. That angst mixed with joyous POWER that the HULK can command.

AT times he hates his existence and other times he REVELS in being the "Strongest One There Is"!

Incredible Hulk just doesn't do it.

He can be far more than that.


At 11:52 PM, Blogger Michileen Martin said...

Hey P-TOR. Yeah, I started blogging at Superheroes, etc. again, though things have been slow because of some health issues.

I kind of HALF agree with you. No, "Incredible" doesn't really capture the essence of the Hulk, but at the same time I wouldn't say it's limiting. As you pointed out, titles like HULK SMASH or RAGE OF THE HULK imply something very specific and might limit the kinds of stories that could be told. But "Incredible" is pretty non-specific. I mean, no matter what direction a writer takes or what incarnation of the Hulk h/she deals with, the fact that a guy turns into a super-powerful monster is pretty freakin' incredible. No, it definitely doesn't completely capture what the Hulk is all about, but it's true and it's not so specific that the title would dictate the stories.

Just curious, what do you think about Strange being involved in Hulk's banishment? While I like the fact that it helped to lead to a cool Hulk story, I'm kind of on the ropes as to whether or not certain Illuminati members would've done what they did. Stark and Richards, I can absolutely see it. Maybe Black Bolt, I don't really know the character well enough to say either way. But I do have problems with the idea of Strange participating. Despite some obvious instances of difference between Strange and Hulk, Strange has always been one of the Hulk's closest friends in the "super" community. Not to mention the fact that Strange already tried it once.

At 10:37 AM, Anonymous SanctumSanctorumComix said...

Hey Mick.

Hahaha...Not to make this a "message board" but you asked...

Strange's involvement rubbed me the wrong way. At first.

I saw it as a slap in the face to the strong friendship that these two share.

ESPECIALLY after the end of the Defenders mini. It was as if these two, moreso than any other of the Defenders, were FRIENDS.
(If, of course, you ignore and forgive much of DOC's manipulation and treatment of Hulk over their 30 year relationship.)

But then I sat for a second or two and it made perfect sense.

DOC indeed DID try the banishment trick once. Technically, it SHOULD have worked just fine.
Send Hulk to Crossroads, let HIM pick what makes him happy.

It only failed due to Alpha Flight's involvement in trying to get a new bod for Sasquatch.

(*sigh*...comic weirdness...isn't it great?)

Anyway, after the Defenders mini, Doc and Hulky are BFF!

BUT, then Hulk startes to go nuts.
Rampaging around and destroying shit.

Richards and Stark know that SOMETHING has to be done.
The Illuminati are gathered.
This decision to "do away" with Hulk is bandied about.
Namor says No Effen way!

However, I don't see DOC going along with it UNLESS it were SOMEHOW similar to HIS original solution.

FIND a safe world to send him to.
Somewhere wherein, while Earth would be rid of him, he would be HAPPY.

After all, they're friends.

Nick Fury gets wind of this plan.
Cuz he's the shit. That's why.
It's his JOB to know secrets.

Fury lets loose with the info on the "Hydra" satellite.
While Reed and Tony reprogram the navigational doodads, DOC has already sent his astral form around the cosmos looking for a suitible world (or used the Orb of Agamotto - whichever).

He finds the perfect spot. Gives info to Reed and Tony. They type in coordinates, make a video for later playback to Hulk - while he's IN the thing...

...aaaand...something goes blooey!

So, I don't doubt FOR A SECOND, that if Surfer shows up at Strange's Sanctum and gives him the 4-1-1 on Hulk's status, that Doc would pop over their in a heartbeat to rectify the mistake (and probably ALMOST get his ass handed to him by Hulk for his trouble).

How's that?

As for "Incredible"...while I did say it wasn't as all-encompasing as it *could* be. My main dislike is that it always summoned forth bad images of kiddie shows, bad marketing of cheap products and an overall "middle America's name-branding in a lame attempt at understanding" the character".

But that's just me.

I'll pop in every once in a while to see what your up to.

Be well.



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